It’s my goiter isn’t it

So yesterday I went to the endocrinologist. Here’s a career that would be tricky. You wouldn’t be able to walk down the street without looking at people going, ‘goiter, goiter, enlarged thyroid, over-active, under-active GOITER!’ It’d be EXHAUSTING.

First up, the guy is a legend. Apparently he is the God of Thyroid. As he said to me, ‘I write the textbooks,’ but without one grain of arrogance or inflated sense of self-importance. In fact there were a few occasions he muttered, ‘I must be getting old’. Funny brainiac.

But he did come out with some pearlers that I’ve been reeling off ever since.

Him: See that, right around your middle?
Me: Every single day
Him: The Americans call that “belly fat”
Me: Straight shooters those Americans.

Him: You’re a fat storer not a fat burner

I think I’m going to get that put on a business card. FAT STORER.

Basically my thyroid is totally kaput. It is officially a goiter at about three times the size it should be.

Him: Didn’t you notice your neck getting thicker
Me: Yeah, I just thought it was because I was fat
Him: I think you’re being a bit hard on yourself
Me: People say that to me a lot.

It’s going to take more than a year for it to go down/away.

I have what is called Hashimoto’s Disease.

Note to self: HASHimoto NOT QUASImodo.

I’m also ‘insulin resistent’. Don’t worry my “HOLY FUCK DIABETES” alarm bells were clanging nice and loud.

But at least I now know what’s going on and to not give up on the whole exercising, not drinking, eating well caper.

Still, so boring.


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  • Hey, Hashimoto’s Disease is all the rage over here.
    Wanna know what I have? WHOOPING COUGH.
    blackbird recently posted..why I love the internet, today, later

  • Your doc sounds lovely.

    On the bright side, now you can wear tshirts like this!
    The Accidental Housewife recently posted..Help wanted

  • trash

    You totally should buy that t-shirt, that is brilliant.

    • Isn’t it awesome. Still chuckling about it.

  • Karen

    I have Hashimotos as well,love to read your blog,you inspired me to get out and walk when I saw an old post about you running!Also I have seen some exercise gear at Big W a Michelle Bridges Range in fat storer sizes!

  • Megan

    Hi Kim

    I love your blog and your twitter feed, you write beautifully. I can’t understand why you dont ‘manage social media’ for some big grooovy company and get paid shitloads of money to work from home. I’d hire you!

    I don’t have a thyroid problem but everyone has a shit time with hormones and I found this book – Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life – by Dr. Claudia Welch very helpful.

    I am also a chef’s wife who lives on the northern beaches. I haven’t met(or internet read) many other ones. Either not many chefs are married with kids or I don’t know the right people! I only have one son (5) as opposed to your four, but the two of us are alone five nights out of seven and ALL weekend. It is hard.

    Anyway, love your work.

    xx Megan

  • Karen

    Dear Kim, Im not techno savvy but it appears that my email address is still appearing in the leave a reply section just wondering why?PS there is agreat book on Thyroids called Running on Empty by Robin Koumourou

    • It’d just be cached on your machine – it doesn’t show up anywhere else.

  • Karen

    Thanks,I have thyroid brain!

  • Hashimoto mojo. Me too. I cried when I found out, mostly because I felt like having a disease meant I was really old, and I didn’t feel it. Old I mean.

    Three and a half years on and it’s all ok in balance: I’m used to regularly jabby jabs (as we call blood tests round here) and I’m just resigned to the amount of exercise I’m doing seeming to bear little or no relation to my weight.

    And if I forget to take my mess for a few days I turn into a crazed person. A very lethargic crazed person.

  • Gawd. I had a goiter too, but mine was treated with radiation. Nothing like getting your own radioactive isotope from Lucas Heights to make a girl feel special! I had “Toxic nodules”: little beasties who thought they were separate thyroids, pumping out hormone all over the place. I was thin and so highly strung it was insane. So fixed, for now, but told I have to keep an eye on it forever.