You gotta hold on

We’re officially on Day 9. NINE.

I’m so tired.

I just don’t know what else to say.

People have more than stepped up – friends collecting my children from school and pre-school, taking them to and from football training, cooking meals for my family, bringing me food packages – it has made me cry and just taken my breath away.

I realise one of my survival mechanisms is to be incredibly snarky in my head about the many many idiot parents that walk this earth and happen to cross my path in the paediatric ward of Mona Vale Hospital.

This doesn’t sit well with so many people complementing me on my grace under pressure and good humour through hard times. I mean, I did the lean down hissing yell at Oscar in the shower the other day about how selfish he was being. Mother of the Year thank you and good night.

Today we ruled out the infection being in Oscar’s bones or the hardware in his feet. This is massive. Of course it doesn’t answer why or where the hell the infection has come from but I’m taking a victory where I can snatch one.


Last week I discovered I had been selected as a finalist in the Australian Best Blogs Competition for 2012. This is my second year as a finalist. It is basically the only award that counts for me – it recognises my writing.

And here I sit, the words not coming. I have six half written posts on my laptop. I never do that.

And now, the words, they will not come.


Let’s look at some pictures.

This – Friday Night Lights – has kept me sane this hospital stay. Tired but sane:

I almost walked away from the series a couple of episodes in on Series 2 – so much bad stuff was happening, it was unrelenting and stressful. I got through it and am now just into the fifth and final series. I can’t tell you (and nor can I explain) how invested I am in the characters in this show. It baffles me.

But everyone needs a Coach Taylor in their life. And a Tami Taylor for that matter.

On Saturday I escaped the hospital and learnt I could still use the monkey bars. No really, I did.

I even had to buy gloves for it. Yes people, I own gym accessories:


Finally, I’ve decided I want to be when I grow up:


Hopefully the words will start flowing soon.



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  • Cat

    Difficult for words to flow in the face of pure exhaustion and more than a bit if stress. I really hope you get some rest and some answers with the arrival of the bug guy. I’m so glad you have people stepping up for you and as for snarky, heck, whatever gets you through! Hugs. X
    Cat recently posted..Virtual Book Tour: The Parent Manifesto

  • trash

    I think you need a new secret blog along the lines of the ‘People at Walmart’ one where you can let your inner snark run free. I’d read.

  • I flicked my son in the ear today because he was squirting the sauce bottle at his brother, who happened to be pointing his bottom in his direction when it was happening. We were in a restaurant at the time. Keep going, it has to get better soon – doesn’t it? xxxxx
    Kirsty Rice recently posted..Life Affirming Sumo Knickers

  • Exercise is an EXCELLENT idea. It’s normally a good idea, but when you’re stressed and tired and need to keep going it can be an absolute sanity saver. Those monkeys look like fun!

    I’m with trash on the snark-blog. Share away!
    The Accidental Housewife recently posted..My super hero cape

  • Fuck everyone. (well, not you and yours obvs.)

    How’s that?

    My words. They come.

    Bad day in nyc.
    blackbird recently’s only Tuesday

  • I told my son he was selfish for not doing his homework the way I wanted him to, and for causing us to spend good money on his education. I didn’t even have the good grace to whisper yell. So now the neighbours know too.

    ANd you can still use monkey bars? That’s some awesome right there.

    And the grace? You still have it. Owning the shit times and admitting the hissing yell is what sets you apart from those who don’t. Keep going, keep snarking, and the words, they will come back. xxx
    Naomi recently posted..Waiting on the bench

  • First blog I check on every morning because I get it. I get it all.
    Hoping you all get some respite soon.
    Tiff recently posted..Just with fewer options.

  • Linda

    you mean you are dealing with all of this AND drinking International Roast out of a foam cup

    you absolutely rock!

    hugs to Oscar and prayers for quick healing

  • Hang in there hon

    I often worry what I would do if one of the kids had to hospitalised. There is no one to help out. No one.