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I put a shout-out on Facebook this week about needing some new tunes to run to. Well, didn’t people come up with the goods – I mean, what is not to love about some Joan Jett, Adam Ant and Def Leppard to run to? But in additional to some oldies were some awesome new tunes.


For starters my friend EDG offered up The Black Keys El Camino saying it was good and ‘crunchy’. She’s right. It is crunchy and awesome to run to.


But somewhere in there I checked into the tags I had on Shazam and rediscovered this:

Ball Park Music. I checked out the whole album Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs. Shiny, happy, crunchy music. Every single track. Get on it toot sweet people.


Written by allconsuming

April 12th, 2012 at 11:24 pm