Making my neck itch

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I have much to tell you all but at the moment the world and pretty much all that is in it is giving me the absolute shits. For example:

  1. Someone commenting about someone wearing unflattering clothing thereby necessitating a whole week of dross on ‘is feminism dead’. For fuck’s sake people, GET A GRIP.
  2. A movie having a massive weekend and someone attributing it to ‘us’ being desperate for strong female leads in movies. Or maybe it’s just A REALLY GOOD MOVIE.
  3. All of my children forgetting I am their mother and thinking I am a pack horse. CARRY YOUR OWN DAMN DRINK BOTTLE SON WHO IS ALMOST THE SIZE OF A MAN.
  4. Lego’s new range of girl Lego. Let’s look at the cafe:

    Gender stereotyping at its best

    Let’s look at an ad for Lego circa 1973:

    Sanity prevails

    Apparently boys and girls could play with the SAME sets of lego in the early 70s, but almost 40 years later we need pretty pink and pastel sets for girls because there’s NO WAY they’d want to play with primary coloured Lego – and similarly there’s NO WAY boys would want to play with sets which make up a vet surgery or a shop. STOMP.STOMP.STOMP.

  5. Some weeks ago someone complained to our local council about the skate ramp next door. I’ve written about the ramp here and got PAID to write about the ramp here.

    I am guessing it was the challenging man who lives in one of the townhouses diagonally across the road from us, the same man who confronted Oscar’s driver on Friday because he beeps the horn when he arrives and was that really necessary. Also, the grumpy arsehole who lives in the nursing home/retirement village.

    Regardless, the council provided stipulations that had to be met for the ramp to stay. Stipulations I imagine involved paying sizeable sums of money to the council for ‘permits’ and inspections and the like. Considering the owners of the house are basically letting this original beachside should-be-heritage-listed house rot into the ground because they want to put a McMansion on it they were hardly going to fork over some cashola to allow a skateramp exist in the yard.

    So today the ramp had to come down. Vale ramp.

Onward. Stomping onward.


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March 26th, 2012 at 7:54 pm

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