This week’s menu

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I often post what we’re having for dinner in my Twitter feed and people seem interested (aren’t they polite!) so when Fiona from Inner Pickle asked what we’re having for dinner this week I thought I’d answer her.

Jeebus, can you tell my writing mojo is really struggling at the moment.

Sunday night had the boys (& M’s girlfriend) over for dinner. The boys of skate ramp fame. So I made a massive lasagne, it launched the week off nicely.

Monday: Left over lasagne
Tuesday: Thai pork salad, marinated chicken skewers
Wednesday: Oven fish & chips
Thursday: Sausages and salad
Friday: Stir fry chicken w/broccoli & snow peas

What are you having for dinner?

Written by allconsuming

February 14th, 2012 at 3:50 pm