Weight Watchers. Food racist.

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I am aware that there have been many changes to Weight Watchers since my last foray into their world at the end of 2007/early 2008 as I fought to eradicate some of the icecream sundaes from my gut that I’d ingested during Grover’s gestation so please assume the crash position for gross generalisations and probably complete misinformation. It’s how I roll.


Foods that Weight Watchers basically tell you to never eat again:



It actively encourages you to use an alternative to coconut milk made from a can of evaporated milk with a few drops of coconut essence. Apart from that travesty against food, it is a clear fear of the sub-continent and Asian cultures.


Pad Thai.

Or any form of take-away dish with noodles in it. Imperialism, Opium Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, haven’t we done enough damage to this region already?



Blatent Islamic phobia.



Obvious slight against those of Mediterranean heritage.


Chocolate, in particular The Tim Tam

Brown-skinned foods. Need I say more.


Weight Watchers. Food Racist.



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