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Last week had me so frazzled and stressed and spread so thinly that by the end of it I was just shovelling highly laden sugary or trans fat proud products into my being to keep me from totally losing my shit.

So much so it appears I gave myself a sugar coma mini migraine for three days (although it could have been my sinuses rebelling against six days of relentless rain, two days of wintery temperatures and then a brisk return to high 20s, high humidity, sunshine and strong winds), associated gut issues and as of this morning it appears a urinary tract infection chaser.

Let’s just file this under ‘what an idiot’.



This morning had me and Felix at his high school purchasing his uniforms and book pack. I kept getting goose-bumps because despite my penchant for cold dead heartedness GAHMAHBOYISALLGROWNUP.

Back at the car I asked him how he felt about it all.

Naturally he replied with a shrug, a ‘dunno’, and ‘confused and deranged’.

Perfect mindset for high school wouldn’t you say.


Riddle me this dog owners. From what I gather the whole dog/owner relationship is about letting them know you are the pack leader. So how does that work when you’re out walking and they see you bending down to pick up their freshly minted steaming turd? You know they’re sniggering on the inside.


You know how we all feel bad about our clothes and toys and other life detritus being made in India and China in appalling working conditions for unimaginably low pay and often by children? What do expat Indian and Chinese people think and do? Do they go out of their way to buy this stuff to support their homelands? Do they boycott them for all the reasons we do? Just wondering.





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November 28th, 2011 at 9:58 pm

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