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Mum’s gone in for a knee replacement this afternoon. Her fourth joint replacement in as many years. Funny, this is one instance when high frequency and repetition does not reduce anxiety.




Felix has cricket training at 5.30 and as mum isn’t here all of us will be going. I’m making lasagne so it’ll be ready when we get home. In making the bechamel I just dumped the milk into the roux (as I always do, none of this namby pamby bit by bit malarky) but think there was more milk in the carton than I had estimated. Bechamel soup anyone?




Grover fell asleep on the way to the hospital. He’s still asleep. His first day sleep in what? Months?




I’ve been very snarky – I know it’s worry about mum but there you have it.




I just burnt the bechamel.




I am panicking about my weight. Again. Just like I did at exactly the same time last year. I’ve started exercising again but my left ankle is really bothering me. And I know it’s because I’m stressed, I know it’s because I am at the peak of self-loathing (both about the physical and the emotional) but I just can’t stop eating. I mean, of course I can, but dear GOD sometimes I just find stuff already in my mouth before I realise it. GAH.




blah blah blah.






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