Take THAT you little brat!

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So who watched it?


Tonight saw the first instalment of an eight-part series based on the book The Slap by Australian author, Christos Tsalkos.


It looks at a group of friends and family getting together to mark Hector (Jonathan LaPaglia, above) turning 40 and how it all comes undone when Hector’s cousin, Harry, slaps the four-year-old son of Rosie and Gary.


I haven’t read the book. I once went to a reading by Christos from his first novel Loaded and OH MY GOD I almost slid of the chair. Think story of a young Greek man embracing the fact he is gay and there being a LOT of raw hot young sex. Phwoar. I was kinda happy to leave my Tsalkos fill there.


Apart from that I haven’t finished a novel in more than four years. GOD that’s even worse when it’s written down.


SO, in a nutshell:

Jonathan LaPaglia is hot. This episode had us seeing him wank, snort coke and have sex on the kitchen bench. Pacing himself is clearly not on the cards. This was all most EXCELLENT viewing with your 11 year old. Whoops. Chef salvaged the awkwardness by saying, ‘well at least he knows what goes on when they all go to bed now’. He wishes. Felix handled it all with a noisy eye roll.


Melissa George has spectacular breasts – which completely destroys her character’s credibility as a woman breastfeeding a four year old. While my girls arrived seemingly overnight and immediately assigned themselves to the category of National Geographic Indigenous Nomadic Tribeswoman, I will vehemently argue that NO boob, no matter how stunning and perky prior to breastfeeding, can look that good after putting in the hard yards for four long years.


– It really is just a blamange of cultural and religious stereotypes. There is nothing really redeeming about anyone, from the four year old to the forty year old and really, that is so depressing.


– Twitter is having a complete hissy fit over – not the slap of course – but the breastfeeding of a four year old. I must say, I am pro pro pro breastfeeding but even my pro-ness is sorely tested by breastfeeding a four year old. I’m leaving it at that because WHOOOBOY the last thing I want or need is the breastfeeding army unleashing its hind milk fury on me.


– It is beautifully acted and well shot and all that stuff but the characters so repulsive I’m not sure I have the staying power to watch them all roll around in their collective self-absorption, self-pity, self-righteousness and anger, so much anger, for the next eight weeks.



Did you watch it?



If you want to see what on God’s earth I am talking about, click here.



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