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The last few weeks have been very very tough. I am focusing on my beautiful little/big family and trying to enjoy them as much as I can as shit continues to get flung in our general direction.

Then there has been the Team Oscar raffle. I struggle with the whole concept of Team Oscar because I am very bad at asking for help in any form and it kinda felt like begging. When I first set it up one of my relatives rang my mum disgusted with what I was doing which only served to confirm my worst fear that people would think badly of us for not being able to afford the best for our son. For not having done whatever it is we should have done or should be doing (Chef is still pushing for me to turn tricks at one of the rub and tugs in Brookvale) to be able to pay our own way. But I sucked up my pride and thought enough people had suggested it that perhaps I didn’t have more hide than Jessie the Elephant but was doing something good for my son.

And here I sit. Blown away, humbled, embarrassed, touched, moved, agog at people’s generosity and love for our special boy.

I must thank Kate from One Flew Over for donating the quilt. You know, she sent it to me without any warning way back when I first mentioned doing a raffle on launching Team Oscar. I know. A good (outrageously talented) egg is she.

And then I must you guys. We raised $1010. That is correct. I was hoping, HOPING, to raise $500 to cover the additional costs of school camp and the psychometric testing Oscar has to have this year for the school to keep its funding for him (yes, every student with an intellectual disability has to regularly undergo such testing – at immense cost (like $270+) – for schools to retain funding for them. Because clearly miracles DO happen and Oscar could be a perfectly functioning teenager tomorrow. If such a thing exists.).


At a time in our life and indeed the world when everything seems to be about making money no matter who you hurt along the way, where there is a drought of an ethical, principled approach to business and where the concept of ‘no one gets left behind’ has been kicked to the curb for ‘get out of my way’ you guys dug deep and helped one family in more ways than you will ever know.

Some people were outrageous and donated large sums, some of you bought one ticket. You need to know how much we treasure and appreciate you all.

I know some are sitting there reading feeling bad or guilty for not having bought tickets but don’t. I know too well that feeling of wanting to but knowing if you do then something in your own world is going to suffer or be very very hard because of it. I know. That you’re here? Willing me to keep going when I just want to lie down and scream ENOUGH!, telling me to get up, that I can fight the good fight and that I will get through whatever it is that is buffeting me this week. That is your donation to me.

And to those of you who think it outrageous I do this, who think it’s wrong or are embarrassed by it. Please go away. Stop reading. Close the window and just move along. There is nothing for you to see here anymore.


Without further ado. The winner. What I did was put everyone who bought a ticket into an excel spreadsheet in the chronological order in which they purchased tickets. This meant there were 386 tickets in the raffle.

So I went to the trusty random number generator and voila!:

And who you ask was the person whose name was against ticket number 18? Cate Bolt that’s who. I can’t begin to describe to you the force that is this woman and I am so SO stoked she has won the quilt. Cate – email me your address deary and I will post you this little piece of love.



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October 2nd, 2011 at 5:47 pm

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