When mornings don’t quite go according to plan

So Oscar just got picked up to go to school.


When his driver, J, arrives he peeps the horn if we’re not already out the front.


This morning there was a hell of a lot of peeping.


When we got out there there was a guy with a helmet on standing next to J’s window having an argument with him.


Something had clearly happened.


The next thing I know his helmet is off and he’s opening J’s door and it appears to be game on.


His postie bike (which he was obviously riding and which – obviously – J had not seen) then went over and OMG things all went bad very quickly.


I believe J told him to ‘suck my dick’ which granted probably didn’t help matters.


By then I was imploring him to calm down, that there was a child there, that the child had special needs and then I started crying.


Happy Wednesday!


Oscar was cring, I was crying, J and The Guy were still having words, now a little less heated but only just.


Then two of the lads who live next door and make my weekends hell by NEVER SLEEPING but play basketball with Oscar EVERY.SINGLE.AFTERNOON. came out and said, ‘Are you OK Oskie?, which really just made me cry even more.


Then The Guy got his bike going and rode off and we all tried to calm down.


Oscar was so upset, I was so upset (still am), J was very apologetic but remarkably calm (I offered him the chance to come inside, regroup, have a cup of tea) and once I got Oscar to a point of being OK, off they went.


I believe this falls into the category of ‘not an ideal way to start the day’.






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  • Vanessa

    reading this almost makes me cry.

    • It makes me cry over and over. I have been having such anguish over society of late – that the poor are getting poorer and no-one in positions of power to change it seem to care – until things like the London riots happen and it’s all “fatherless families!” when in fact it is having so little – ie nothing – people have nothing to lose from behaving in a completely morally bereft manner. They are, indeed, without hope. And how tragic that is. And that we are in an era of ‘me’ and from that nothing good can come. And this morning, instead of going ‘geez mate, you gave me a huge fright’ and our driver saying, ‘I’m so sorry man, I just didn’t see you. Are you OK?’ the reaction and response was anger and blame and (nearly) physical violence. In front of a child with special needs.

      So sad. I am bereft today. Bereft.

      • Loving you from the mountains our Kim and wishing I lived closer.


  • Poor Ogger. But what lovely kids you have in your neighbourhood. I hope that things have settled and the day is going better.
    Amelia recently posted..Carla Bruni – L’Amoureuse

    • I know. I am despairing at the state of the world and yet in our little corner of it, it is filled with love and care from everywhere.

  • Far out, you don’t be needing that on a Wednesday morning – particularly after the high of the weekend.
    Hope the rest of your day winds up being awesome. Even just a little bit awesome. xxx

    • I made chocolate gingerbread to take to the boys next door to say thank you for showing such thought and care this morning but also for being his friends. So there is that.

  • Are you OK Oskie?

    See, that part renews my faith in humanity.
    blackbird recently posted..10/25

  • I am crying, i don’t do well in these situations! I think you did very well! not a good start to the day for anyone! honestly, couldn’t he see the child in the situation, I love your neighbours though!

    corrie recently posted..my VW bus, Caltex Vortex and a retro commercial!

    • Neither do I Corrie, I’ve been teary all day as a subsequence. I sent an email to his teacher and she replied telling me the class talked about what had happened and that he had a bit of a cry but seemed OK. She also let all his other teachers know. This has gone someway to making me feel better – the thought that he’d have had to go through the day carrying the stress from this morning without anyone at school knowing (there’s no way he could communicate what had happened) was breaking my heart.

  • Gawd, Kim. That’s awful. Not surprised you’re still teary – these things take ages to recover from. xx
    tracy recently posted..Grrr

  • ok massive hugs all round.

    breathe my lovely…………

    tomorrow is another day.
    pixie recently posted..Holly holly holiday!!!

  • Oh honey. I am so sorry. Agreed. Thursday will definitely need to step up to the plate and be an improvement xxx
    seraphimsp recently posted..Smoothies, my new obsession

  • Oh. What a day to find your blog. Such mixed (and strong emotions). Aaaargh, followed by gratitude for the niceness of people. So real and so often unexpected. I love you baking for the boys next door and also the wonderful attitudes at your boys school.

  • Paola

    Not a good start of the day indeed. I hope Ogga came back home in a better mood and spirit. This is what the world has become … anger is the answer when it should never be.