Weekend reading round-up

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Four articles I urge you all to go and read:

Peter Hartcher‘s insightful and excellent article on the machinations of the Labor party when it comes to leadership. My favourite bits:

It was the gleeful excitement with which Labor decapitated itself last year that has it in so much trouble today. Labor thought that the coup against Kevin Rudd was an emphatic pronouncement on Kevin Rudd. It was not. It was a verdict on Labor itself.

It conveyed graphically to the public that federal Labor, like its NSW chapter, was not a party committed to governing well and soberly. Its supreme loyalty was to the perpetuation of its own power, at any cost. The strike against Rudd was a strike against Labor’s own credibility and seriousness.

The underlying reason for the Gillard government’s woes is its perceived legitimacy. By every rule and by every law Gillard is an entirely legitimate Labor leader and Prime Minister. But in the public mind she has never recovered from the way she seized power. It’s harsh enough for a deputy to destroy a leader.


Tony Wright's rambling tale of Ned Kelly in an engaging take on the "Malaysian solution" fiasco.

An awesome piece by Robert Manne on the flagrantly appalling one-sided if not downright misleading agenda of The Australian regarding global warming.

The best intelligent and entertaining article on the ‘issue’ of gay marriage is by Geoff Lemon on his blog Heathen Scripture. Behold, it’s the Gaypocalypse.


Off you go.




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September 4th, 2011 at 7:25 pm