What can I tell you

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school’s gone back. Tick.

getting up at 6am again. Snore.

no TV on in the evenings. Tick.

eleventy gagillion loads of washing. Tick.

Never-ending rain. Snore.

Felix learning the lesson of the pain that is leaving something to the last minute. Tick.

Constantly teaching Grover with the phrase, ‘that is not the correct way to respond to that situation’. Tick.

New series of Hell’s Kitchen. Tick.

Remarkable unfolding of events in the UK regarding News of the World, News International, the MET Police and now, it appears, the Prime Minister’s office. Tickety Tick Tick.

Missing my bestie so hard it hurts? Tick Tick Tick




Written by allconsuming

July 20th, 2011 at 10:49 pm

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