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Dudes! I’m holidaying in the country at my best friend K’s place.

It has been full of children, much laughter, bizarrely much shopping for children’s clothes and the odd glass of vino.

So very very lovely.

We’re making the 7hr drive home tomorrow. Wish me well. The trip up saw me reunited with the tribe as they’d been at my Dad & stepmum’s place in the dys preceding. Let’s just say it was a mobile parenting re-entry. I did not recall my children a) talking so much and b) being so loud. Seeing as it had only been 2 days and 3 nights all this proves is just how quickly we forget. None of them slept at.all. ALL of them talked non.stop. the entire way. Ridunculous!

I’ve missed you all!


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July 14th, 2011 at 2:30 pm

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