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We are SO late to this party having only alluded to The Beiber by bastardising Baby into a taunt to use against each other. Naturally.

Then Chef and I started taunting Felix that he had the BeiberFever with his ridiculous hair and incessant flicking. I can’t tell you how much Felix’s hair shits me. I like the idea of my boys having crazy messed-up self-directed hair but man, the reality is a whole different ballgame.

It took the all-singing all-dancing Jasper has become quite adept at working his way around YouTube and in the space of a few weeks worked from watching clips of train creeps freaks afficianados through kids songs and clips from tv shows to, well, The Beiber for the fever to take hold for reals.

And quite frankly if the soundtrack to our life came down to JB versus the love of JC as expressed over and over and over by The Jelly Wobbles (aka the Jesus Wiggles – handed out at the school scripture class) then so be it. Sing it loud JB, sing it loud.

Oscar revealed just how much he loved the real Baby song, demanding over and over requesting over and over that I download it for his iPod.

And then I mentioned there was a movie out about him.


When Grover climbed into our bed at 3am this morning he told me he was going to be Justin Beiber. So far Never Say Never has played about four times in a day and a half. Grover got home from kindy this afternoon and asked me to put it on because, AND I QUOTE, ‘because Justin Beiber is the coolest guy evah.’

So it goes to show. Never say never.




(It’s kinda sad how much I’m loving Down to Earth. Well hey, I guess we can say I’m getting in touch with my inner tween. if it’s up to me, if it’s up to you…)

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June 16th, 2011 at 6:45 pm