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Ahhh, so we’re coming to the end of Oscar’s second term at the School of Awesome. I’m a little peeved if only for the fact their end of term is THIS FRIDAY. A whole week more than government schools. A whole week of ‘what now’ and ‘which car’ and ‘when dadda home’ and ‘Ogga eat’ and ‘mumma’ ‘mumma’ ‘mumma’. Anyone with bright ideas of activities and things to do with the Ogga Boy – BRING IT.

Just jokes. Oscar is going from strength to strength.

He now logs himself into Mathletics.

This term he has been to see THREE school musicals or drama productions – his favourite was The Buddy Holly Story. I think the exposure for these kids to music and plays and the like are SO important. Music and drama seem to have such a connection for them.

The school has its own African drumming program which I think they access from Year 8. I think we can all recall the first time I visited the school and saw a group of kids with a range of special needs but all well into the moderate to severe range playing the most invigorating, galvanising African drumming performance. As the Principal said, seeing the students move from obviously counting each and every beat to simply ‘feeling’ the music is truly inspirational.

Every Tuesday morning Oscar goes to the school’s gym club – a range of gym equipment including treadmills, bikes and some weights (I think). Yesterday he came home waving his laminated Gym Club Award, proud as punch bless him. The gym club is part of the school’s 3T program-Trim, Taught and Technical.  It is a common concern for kids with special needs that they have compromised mobility but an over-active appetite. Clearly that is a genetic disorder Chef and I both have. The school is committed to moulding teenagers who are challenged, stimulated and feel good about themselves and this is one part of how they deliver on that commitment.

Today we received his semester report from the school in the mail. FOURTEEN pages of what Oscar is achieving independently, achieving with support or developing in the areas of English, Maths, Religious Ed, History/Geography, Science, Personal Development & Health, Physical Ed, French, Technology, Music and Visual Arts. FOURTEEN PAGES. FOURTEEN!

Some of the comments:

English: He has gradually gained self confidence and is a regular contributor to class activities.

Maths: His results in our weekly calculator quiz are very pleasing.

History/Geography: He resonds well to visual stimulus and was an engaged learner e.g. identifying his name in hieroglyphics on the interactive board.

PE: His hard working attitude and willingness to try new things has made his learning experience more enjoyable. He has improved out of sight in the pool increasing his distance for freestyle for 50 metres. (Me: !!!!!!!!)


Some big things we’re working on, correction, THE big thing we’re working on at home is his behaviour. Because dudes, he’s 13 and well, 13 is code for ‘be rude to the olds’ and well, that coupled with a brain that just isn’t quite wired right lends itself to ‘the olds’ losing their shit. A LOT.




This also seems like a timely opportunity to put a shout out to Jodie from Two Monkeys Fabrics. A few weeks back she held a fabric sale on Facebook for Team Oscar and raised $105. GO JODIE! Please go and show her some love!

Which also brings me to the outrageously talented Kate from One Flew Over has donated the most divine quilt to Team Oscar to auction. It’s sitting here in it’s postpack waiting for me to get my arse into gear. Several other people also offered products and services (think cupcakes, Enjo products, photography sessions, babysitting!) and I’ve just never got it off the ground. I need advice – should I run it as a straight auction – in which case, do I set a base price (ie the value of the prize) or do you just let it run at what the market is willing to pay? OR should I run it like a raffle? So buy a ticket by donating $5 or $10 to Team Oscar and then choose random winners? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


UPDATED: How could I forget, he came home yesterday with his FIRST birthday party invitation!






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