Story of my life

So about fifty people sent me the alert that the book Go the Fuck to Sleep had been launched.

But this, THIS makes it even better:

More than anything else, can you imagine having Samuel L Jackson as your dad. How fuckin’ cool would that be.

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  • Bliss!!
    Amelia recently posted..Family of Seven Quilt Tutorial

  • h&b

    A wee bit scary maybe .. but totes good as a detached audio 😉 x

  • Nat

    Honestly, this has made my day, x

  • Yes yes but how was Melbourne?

    Mary recently posted..Inside my Head

  • I’ve just heard of an event at which Werner Herzog will read it (more likely it’s the fellow who DOES Werner Herzog reading on YouTube).
    blackbird recently posted..videos from one and all

  • I have tears. I couldn’t breath. This too, is the story. of. my. life. I have to share, HAVE TO!
    Melody recently posted..Wonderful Reader

  • I remember those days. Now i just go the fu*k to sleep before they do.
    Frogdancer recently posted..I’ve run a little mad

  • Linda

    what frogdancer said, but sadly…

    i also often find myself yelling out “go the fuck to sleep” in the wee small hours of the night when they stomp into the kitchen and start making pizza, nachos (what is it with boys and cheese?) – i wonder if they will EVER give up their 2am feed?

  • I’m just impressed that you even *know* 50 people who might email you that. Little Miss Popular!

  • Fiona

    Just love it!