Local boy

Fourteen year old Jack Vidgen lives on Sydney’s Northen Beaches just a few suburbs away from us. He goes to the high school Felix will be going to next year. He has the most incredible voice but even more inspiring is he just seems like a great kid.

This was his first round:


then he did this:

I am a complete sap but I got teary and clapped at the end of both of them. He will go so far regardless of what happens on this TV show but man, I just want him to soar.

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  • Wept then. Wept now. J wept to when he watched both performances on YouTube.
    Mary recently posted..Inside my Head

  • Wow! I read about him but hadn’t seen the performances. What a delight! Thanks for sharing Kim.
    Amelia recently posted..Pilates

  • I posted about him just the other day, and my husband actually watched it (he despises these types of shows. Would rather a non-anaethesised vascectomy, I’d suspect than to sit through a ‘talent’ show).

    But he clicked on the link, then all of the others I”d put up. AND he made conversation later about it. This kid must have something if he can wow my husband!

  • Oh, I got incredibly teary at the sight of Jack too. How proud his parents must be!
    Jodie Ansted recently posted..The Week That Was