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So while there are all manner of things going on in my life I can not control I decided to wrestle back some piece of mind by dealing with two projects that had been sitting and staring at me for months. Behold:

Niamh’s quilt:

Kill – I promise I will post it next week.

Grover’s quilt:

He adores it and keeps wanting me to FIXIT! on his bed so there are no bumps. I think it looks fantastic but do not look closely at the binding attachment. I was so over it by then even I was astounded at my dodgy work.

A face washer:

I used to rib PeaSoup Suse something chronic about her crocheted face washers (face cloths to some) – but she and many MANY other crafty types kept saying to me, have you used one? Once you use one you will never ever go back to using one made of towelling.

And you know what? They’re totally right. There’s something about them – that they’re soft but textured, that they feel beautiful against your skin, that there is something so fulfilling about using something daily that you made – that is quietly addictive.

The one above is made with Pakucho Organic Cotton and the difference between ones made with this compared to ones made with other, still high quality but different cotton yarn, is remarkable. I know there are technical reasons for this but attempting to explain that with my limited yarn knowledge would both be confusing to you, embarrassing to me and insufferable to yarn nerds. So I’ll spare you all the details.

So you see, good comes from difficult times. There’s also been some baking. AND I went for a run today.


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May 20th, 2011 at 7:06 pm

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