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So we all know the last few weeks have been a bit full on around here right?

The upshot of all of it was that Chef and I decided to do a tree change and move to Orange. There were many reasons for this:

1. It has a big food and wine industry and culture

2. It has a big hospital and good health services

3. There is a special school and a good range of education choices

4. My surrogate family of my teenage years, K’s family, live there and my time at university in the neighbouring city, Bathurst, means we feel we kinda ‘know’ the area

5. It’s only 4 hours from Sydney

The plans were all underway – I have a few friends in the district who were on the lookout for a place to rent for us, preferably just out of time (space people, SPACE), other friends put me in touch with friends they have in town who were so generous with info on good areas to live and the preschool for Grover.

Chef even went up there for the day for an interview. And got offered the job.

It also snowed that day (YAY!!!).

At the very same time Chef got a call from a guy opening a restaurant bar in Sydney. In Manly in fact, 15 minutes from home. With a good salary package. With a position that would initially be running the Manly operation but then overseeing a number of other similar bar restaurants they are going to open around Sydney.

He met with them the day after going to Orange.




We’re not moving to Orange.

We’re not moving out.

We’re staying where we are.

And Chef is taking another step up and forward in his career with Murray’s Craft Brewing Company from late June.

Of course this filled me with contradictory feelings of elation, joy, happiness, pride with sadness, regret, more sadness and maybe a lot of crying.  I mean, it had only been a couple of weeks but I already had us living and breathing in Orange and to jolt my daydreams back to Sydney took a little while.

But the core truth is that this is a fantastic opportunity and development for Chef – and indeed for us. And really, this is the next step in our lives together. And well, yay for that.

As you were.





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May 25th, 2011 at 8:15 pm

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