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Some people are truly pissed at me for writing what I have here these last few days.

My immediate reaction is to pull the posts down or at least edit them heavily.

To keep the peace or at least the satus quo.

To not rock the boat.

To be the good girl.

I have edited the last post for a range of reasons.

In part for all those reasons above.

Maybe because after one week of conflict I’m too tired to maintain the fight/conflict/tension/rage (not to mention the ongoing anxiety attacks, the likes and severity and sustained nature of which I haven’t felt since the precursor to Code Red).

Definitely to bring a cessation to the angry, aggressive, accusatory text messages.

But ultimately I have done it for my mum.

Through all of this my concern has been for her and my relationship with her.


I will say however that this is my place, my space. That what I write here is my story. Where I can tell my truth.

That’s all.




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May 4th, 2011 at 8:01 am

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