Another day another ego boost

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Well regular readers know that the last two weeks have been a bit of a shocker in this house, so how lovely is this!

Last year kidspot launched their Top 50 bloggers and man I was kinda gutted I wasn’t on the list. What a difference a year makes. The growth and dynamic nature of the Australian blogging community has clearly been having a fair suck on the sauce bottle and gone off like a frog in a sock in the last twelve months. There have been competitions and conferences and some more competitions and some more unashamed begging on my part for you to go vote for me. You can do that this time as well if you like but quite frankly even I am bored by my self-promotion.

This is my corner of the world where friendships have been forged and a life celebrated in all its shades of colour. I am proud of it, even the ugly bits, and knowing I have it makes me happy and my world a little smaller and (normally) less scary.

So if you’re here via Kidspot, hi, come on it. I swear a bit and sometimes it can all go a little haywire but we normally find a way to laugh about it.

If you’re here, as you have been, for the gazillionth time over the last several years well, you know how much I love and treasure your companionship along this road of mine.




(But dudes, it turns out I can TOTALLY win FIVE GRAND and a FORD TERRITORY to drive around FOR A WHOLE FREAKIN’ YEAR so go vote and comment heaps because apparently that shows just how much you really do love me. A CAR-  for a YEAR!!! Can you imagine, my four boys, one car, one year – they’re never going to want it back – Bwahahahahahahahahaha!)

Written by allconsuming

May 9th, 2011 at 12:25 pm