I can’t fight it anymore. I am a bit blue at the moment. All the normal shit. Nothing that won’t right itself with time.


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  • hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs
    pixie recently posted..Entitlement

  • Hey, you’ll come through.
    blackbird recently posted..whats doing

    • Yes, yes I will. Just a little wallowy today. Went for a run. Naturally feel a little better. Stupid exercise.

  • Linda

    for me it is RED – ANGRY RED!

    i swear that everyone around me has gone out of the way to PISS ME OFF this week

    my elderly mother has relaunched her campaign to have me make (as in design and sew) her underpants… not happening baby!)

    my husband (who is also my boss at work) has been a total prick

    instead of working on their Uni assignments my sons have reverted to dobbing on each other and fighting over the PS3…does it NEVER end with boys?

    yesterday our dog bit the new neighbours puppy on the nose (our 4.9kg dog…what the!)

    …..I can’t wait for the effects of this week’s full moon to just FUCK OFF so I can get a good nights sleep.

    (Day 5 of my low-carb and no alcohol diet and I am only just keeping it together…..I think…)

    • MAKE underpants. And here I was bitching under my breath. I want to see the fittings for those. Actually. Scratch that.

      OH GOD – do NOT tell me I have to still be the harbinger of ‘do your homework’ once they’re at uni????

      Yeah well, the dog thing? Totally serves you right for owning a dog. And clearly a little dog too.

      And dude, low-carb and NO-alcohol. That is totally what I need to do but am too scared to. Because the rage? OH I KNOW THAT RAGE.

      tell your husband to pull his head in for me will you?

  • Well here’s hoping blue passes soon and you see rainbows again. With sparkles and smiles fill your heart. Big love xxx

    • and unicorns? will there be unicorns?

    • oh, and I read your post about the things you hate? And a little bit of wee came out on the one about the boob hairs. I heart you. We are hairy boobed sisters we two.

  • Mrs Woog

    That was me on Monday. xxxxxx

    • I know it will pass. I know it will pass. I know it will pass. But I might just have a little wallow for a while.

  • Brownies.
    Make brownies.
    EAT brownies.
    Make a separate batch for the kids.
    river recently posted..two down- several to go

    • I did make a double batch of raspberry muffins. There’s Felix’s choc-almond fudge cake in the fridge but that is just too rich for consumption. Believe it or not.

  • suziecreamcheese

    hugs and squeezes for you xxxxx

  • it’s so silly – we fight admitting it. We fight admitting it so much.

    Then we do. And we immediately feel that much better.
    Mary recently posted..Inside my head

    • Exactly. I admitted it, went for a run, wallowed for a while (and still am) but already feel it shifting.

  • I love you.

    And as I have already said, would totally turn for you.

    Especially if you are wearing a little red riding hood costume… rawr.
    Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo recently posted..No one can rock a cold Even me And I found a new form of crack

  • yeah well, fair enough too I reckon. It is what it is and it’s okay to sit with it a while.
    Julie recently posted..Thoughts on Childrens Birthday Party Activities

  • Kill

    chin up cherub. You’ll be ok. I have a care package on the way next week. And Linda, I had your week too. Swore at people. Got hot and bothered. and started low carb, no alcohol rubbish today. Bloody full moon. I could murder a rum and coke right now. Nice work on the run K. Best idea ever, specially when you since you followed through with it

  • I watched that whole video, waiting for her to move.
    The Coffee Lady recently posted..Random ways of getting lost

    • *snort* So did I when I first watched it. I looked and looked for a decent YouTube copy of the song with the part of the movie but it wasn’t that good. Awesome song though. How I love Ben Folds.

  • Duyvken

    The sudden cold weather hasn’t helped. Quilting is lovely therapy I enjoyed seeing your completed quilts. What’s next? Xx