In which I pop my book launch cherry

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Last week I attended my first ever book launch. I KNOW. I have totally made it people. No one’s gonna stop me now!

It was a classy, intimate affair with French champagne served in tumblers, the best canapes and the cutest little cupcakes I had to have many an internal dialogue about not gorging on infront of total strangers.

Believe it or not I had a moment of panic as I parked the car, realising a) this was a fairly intimate gathering and b) the only person I knew was the author and well, she would probably be in fairly hot demand and OH.MY.GOD. what the hell was I thinking.

Then, in my fairly standard response, I just thought fuck it, got out of the car, and barrelled on in.

I was saved relatively early on in the piece by the Mighty Sarah and she blessedly introduced me to another fabric designer Saffron Craig and well, the two of us then heaved a collective sigh of relief and never left each other’s side for the rest of the evening.

Sarah Fielke is just a creative master. The end. Her Material Obsession books were the first I bought for quilting and are my absolute favourites. Oh the possibilities they present.  Naturally I haven’t made any of them. Typical.

Her latest book is again, beautiful and inspiring and accessible and all the rest. She is my age. How crushing is that. All I’ve managed to produce are four offspring while here she is with a family and books and how the HELL does she sustain this creative output. Inspiring and baffling all at the same time.

Here I am looking like a cross between Rizzo and Chenille from Janelle’s House de Beauty and Hair Removal.

And here I am, taking it just too too far:

Kim pretending to know what the hell she’s talking about from Kim at allconsuming on Vimeo.