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This article from The New York Times was doing the rounds on Twitter a few days back. It seems kind of fitting in light of everything that is happening at the moment: people fighting for freedom, people struggling with floods, plagues, cyclones, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

This video is both horrifying and educational as it shows – in just six minutes – how a trickle of water becomes a tsunami. Whole houses people, whole houses. But you know what, it’s the sounds in it which are the most chilling. Like the relentless car alarms in Christchurch, the warning sirens.

Of all these pictures it is the very first which chills me to the bone. When asked of his concern about possible radiation a man interviewed by the ABC said he was very scared but there was no way to get out of the area, had no means of leaving anyway and besides, where would he go.

The ABC did a similar before/after photo montage with the Queensland floods, with Japan I think it truly shows just how devastated the country is.

Then I read this article by the brother of a new Interweb friend who has had her fair share of tragedy and crappe to deal with.


I know first hand how ‘strangers’ can carry you during the hardest of times. Let’s look after each other OK?



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March 15th, 2011 at 8:08 am

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