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Dudes I know. I KNOW. The silence is not good. Boring. Uninspired. Concerning. But these last few weeks have been whipping my arse and not in a good way if, you know, you’re into that kinda thing. Which I am NOT I hasten to add.

Moving on.

So I fall back to the default list of random bullet points and mini stories to try and fill the awkward silence:

  • Felix has gone on school camp.
  • Mum has organised for some dude that used to be a chef and is now a horticulturalist to come and build a chook house. He started today. I am rather excited by this development.
  • Friday I’m getting to meet Kristin, this is exciting.
  • Saturday is the inaugural Aussie Blogging Conference. I am involved in one of the panels. I have to read a post. I have no idea what to read. I am kind of ignoring this elephant in the room.
  • People are talking about what they’re wearing AND what they’re wearing to the cocktail party afterwards. A) It had not even occurred to me to be thinking about what I should wear. B) Even if A) had happened I certainly would not have considered taking a CHANGE.OF.CLOTHES. WTF people? Just be grateful I’m showered.
  • We’ve decided on a high school for Felix.
  • On Wednesday Chef is travelling to school camp to pick up Felix and five other students to come back to Sydney to sit the selective high school exam on Thursday. I will be taking them all back after the test on Thursday. This was all organised before the high school site visits and Felix, Chef and I agreeing which one we liked the most and wanted to attend. Which is, of course, NOT the selective high school. So now the test is a bit redundant and a massive pain in the arse but picking everyone else’s kid up was all arranged so now we’re doing it as a practice run (a very hard practice run) for the extension program at the high school we have chosen.
  • This morning I helped out on reading groups with Jasper’s class. A first. MAN – it’s pretty confronting when you see some kids just skipping along with sounds and letters and others looking at you and responding as if you’re talking in a completely foreign language.
  • Mum reminded me that when she started teaching she had 46 kids in her class. And we wonder how kids slipped through the cracks and adult literacy became an issue. Sheesh.
  • I’ve got a headache and have basically had it on and off for a few weeks. Ever since that migraine. Did I tell you about that? OH yes, that was the meltdown weekend. Maybe it’s a tumour.
  • Chef had the rare experience of having Saturday night off this week so we had some newish friends over for an Indian feast. T – my hairdresser with the tats, J – her tall spunky husband with just as many tats, C – their gorgeous (in looks and character) son who was in Oscar’s class and is now at the high school where Felix will be going  and his friend came over. Cue some major alcohol intake with a slow-cooked beef rogan josh, my magic Indian potatoes and some divine baked paneer which I could basically eat until my head fell off. For dessert I basically flew by the seat of my pants and stewed some plums and nectarines in red wine, port, sugar and spices and then served with a cardamom spiced cream. Yeah, it was as awesome as it sounds and I am still smiling about having such a fun night with beautiful people.
  • Today, in front of the gardener guys, Grover asked me how I got babies. Ahhh, Grover + timing = impeccable.
  • Saturday saw us at my neice’s birthday party – at an indoor rock climbing centre (my bro is a rock climber extraordinaire, climbing most days during his lunch hour and usually at least once on the weekends – it is doing wonders for keeping his cirrhosic arthritis under control. Go figure.). There’s a structure in the centre known as The Cave – a tall narrow enclosed dark tower. You don a headlamp and go for it. Can you imagine anything more horrific? I mean, I was having an anxiety attack just thinking about it. Of course the kids ADORE it. Except this time Oscar got stuck and required a multitude of people to coax and cajole and reassure him to then get out. And Grover freaked the fuck out and required a multitude of people to coax and cajole and reassure him to then get out.
  • Of course they did.
  • I was having a chat with a mum of one of my niece’s friends. She had been a 26 weeker. Remarkable stuff.
  • My washing machine is making a bad noise. You know. In a house of six people, four of those being children and all of them being boys, nothing puts the fear of God into you more than your washing machine making a bad noise. It only makes it on spin. I rang our legend of a washing repair man (ie he’s really cheap and comes soon after you’ve called him) and he was all, ‘sounds like the bearings. If it’s the bearings then just buy a new machine’. Just like that. Basically telling me not to even bother paying his call-out fee to determine it is the bearings, just throw it to the curb and buy a new one. SO
  • Naturally this sequence of events has me getting Chef to remove the back panel off the machine. I was hoping that by taking that off you would be able to see everything and just fix it, even though Legend Repair Guy told me to replace bearings in a front loader involves having to totally dismantle the entire machine. Because what would he know.
  • Yeah, so, now my laundry is even more trashed than it was. The noisy but albeit working washing machine is now partially dismantled and thereby out of action and I’m totally screwed.
  • See, it’s just all the normal detritus of life.



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