What a week

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I know I’ve already banged on about Oscar starting high school but this week has been quite The Week for the allconsuming household.

You see, Jasper started school this week too.

And Grover started pre-school.

And Felix moved into Year 6 (the final year of primary school here in Australia for all you overseas types).

The emotions have been running high. It has been hot-as-hell, we’re currently on Day Five of a heat wave, the hottest with the most humidity being the day Jasper and Grover started. Felix did not get the teacher he wanted and has been pretty bummed about it. The teacher he does has is a good teacher so while I am not that concerned my heart is breaking a little for him but there is no chance of moving him.

Jasper has taken my breath away. He was chomping, CHOMPING, at the bit to get to school. I mean, on the way I suddenly realised he was saying under his breath, ‘can’t wait to get to school, can’t wait to get to school, can’t wait to get to school’. Bless HIM! Then we got there EARLY and he got his stomp on because he wanted to start NOW. NOW! He has a wonderful teacher and I barely even got a wave goodbye – he was off and as happy as a clam.

Grover has been so excited about Jasper’s kindy (ie pre-school) being HIS kindy now and has really just taken up where Jasper left off last year. He’s a little clingy when I’m leaving but certainly not in a ‘I’m about to lose it’ kinda way. In fact, it’s a total put on but I’m indulging it completely.

Oh sure, the two little guys put on a SUPERB display of first day exhaustion once we got home with the screaming and crying and lashing out at each other probably giving some of the old folks over the back fence some post traumatic stress to deal with but hey, it had been over 40 degrees celcius that day and quite frankly I felt like totally having a breakdown with them.

I seriously have no idea how any of you who live in a tropical climate with high humidity and heat all.the.time. do it. I would be even more mental than I am.

The thing I finally accepted this week was, that if this week is to be repeated, if it is to run as smoothly and calmly as this week did then I have to retain the Queen of Supreme Organisation I have been this week. Up at 5 three mornings for a run (OK, so one of those didn’t quite work but I was still up at 5.40 and went for the run at 7.10) and then up at 6 the other two. Strict enforcement of the no TV rule (until everyone is dressed and has their shoes on) and basically ensuring there is enough food in the house to fill four lunch boxes. I have remembered to put water bottles in the freezer each night. I’ve had uniforms at the ready. I have absolutely kicked arse in domestic goddess stakes this week.

But that is nothing, NOTHING to have this crew of mine have performed. To say I am proud of them is an absolute understatement. They have each adjusted to their new surroundings without the slightest of hiccups. They have each risen to what is expected and required of them and done so with excitement and some nervous anticipation.

Oh look I know, kids do this everywhere everyday but this week, this week our household shifted into a new era. They all seemed older in an instance. I look at them all sitting on the lounge totally shattered by another day in extreme heat and feel like my heart is going to explode.

These are my guys.

I made them.

I play a fairly significant role in their lives and who they are becoming.

Oh sure they try and kill each other regularly and treat each other like crap most of the time but man, this week they have supported each other and, I don’t know, it’s like now they’re all (almost) on the same page.

I’m really not expressing myself that well am I. Blathering on trying to nail just what it is that has made this week such a momentous one.

I guess at the end of the day my boys are all growing up and well, this week, it has taken my breath away.


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February 4th, 2011 at 10:26 pm