Barbra vs Cate

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When the Oscar’s aired earlier today our time there was only one thing I thought of when I saw Our Cate*. Behold Barbra circa  1968:

And Our Cate circa 2011:

Credit: cropped image from Photo by Steve Granitz – © 2011 Jeff Vespa – Image courtesy via IMDB website


Oh sure, the baubles aren’t as ‘grape-like’ but dude, Cate’s bringing back the bauble.

Either that or she’s bibbed up for some serious lobster chow-down.


As you were.





* For those who don’t know, when anyone achieves any success in their chosen profession on the world stage it is Australian custom to start referring to them as Our {insert name here}. As if we’re afraid some other nation will claim them and their success as their own. We do this due to our penchant for doing exactly that. See: Russell Crowe, Crowded House, the lamington.


Written by allconsuming

February 28th, 2011 at 4:19 pm