An OK day. Good even!

Oh guys, how your beautiful words of reassurance and encouragement buoyed me in that black sea. I know I drag you guys along on this roller coaster and well, today is no different.

Today I decided to play it low key. It was just me and Grover and there was much TV watching and playing on the computer. But there was equal measure of hanging on the lounge together and just generally decompressing from that rough weekend.

According to the forecast next weekend is meant to be more of the same in terms of the weather so I am already hatching plans to get us out of the heat or at least doing something rather than just enduring the weather.

But today there was goodness. GREATNESS even.

1. Grover drew his first attempt at people.

2. I taught Jasper how to ride his bike without training wheels! The look on his face as the confidence grew – oh that he will conquer the world!

3. I made three different dinners all from the same base of rissoles I had made a few weeks back and frozen – for some meatballs in tomato sauce, for others meatballs in a tomato and chilli sauce – both those with penne, and for mum rissoles in a red wine gravy w/ mash, carrots and broccoli. And we all ate at 6.30pm.

4. Jasper bought home his first reader. Is there nothing more breathtaking than seeing a child learn to read? I think not.

5. Everyone was happy today. And settled.

But the biggest achievement, after two weeks (if not more) of feeling like I was running with lead in my legs was this:

10kms people.  I ran 10 kilometres WITHOUT stopping. It took me about 1hr 10 mins. Sure, I’m now cripple but I did it. I CAN DO IT!


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  • jac

    Super impressed. Apart from the crippling bit. I like the way it’s all coastal too… nothing like a sea breeze to keep you going.

  • I am terribly impressed.
    And, while I advocated jumping for pills, I will also say that I have read that exercise is good for what ails you.

    Carry on.
    blackbird recently posted..10 good things

  • Paola

    Oh that is amazing. Dunno if you’ve been at Kathy’s yet but she’s high on running as well. It’s fantastic! I’ll tell you what I told her: sport is a fantastic way to feel GOOD. And you actually DO good to yourself. It’s a win-win.

  • Wisdom wow wow. Wow. Speechless with impressedness.

  • I am on day 1 run 1. Four runs of 40 seconds. Four runs of 60 seconds.

    10 km is just downright legendary.

    You completely inspire me.

    And love that you are counting your blessings.
    Mary recently posted..February 14th

  • Run on!!

    So happy!!
    Eleanor recently posted..Charade

  • Legend all right. I am in awe of you and envy your view.
    Narrabeen has super views. I have my window *sigh* starting wk8 d1 in about 10 mins.
    Trish recently posted..Soccer Mum Extraordinaire

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  • knittingrid

    It’s a conundrum – exercise makes such a positive difference in depression but it’s so hard to exercise when you’re down. Congratulations on getting out there, for 10 kilometres, no less!

  • Am so, SO excited for you! That’s so brilliant! 10km!!!! Love your work lady
    Reemski recently posted..Late Night Coriander Prawns

  • Charmaine

    Brilliant! You’re a star.

  • Julie

    well done you!

  • Pet

    You are awe inspiring. Of course, whatever you do, you are the best at it! Congratulations my darling

  • Leanne

    Yay for you! That’s fantastic 🙂

  • man… you are like SUPERFREAKINGHUMAN!

    *golf claps your awesomeness*
    Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo recently posted..UnBloggable