scenes from the holidays

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A few blocks from us a bridge crosses the lake. The lake does a sweeping bend and then heads out to sea. A few years ago the council dredged the area of the lake around the bridge and completely farked it so now there is more sand build up than ever. 

For children however, it is heaven. You can now play in the crystal clear waters of the lake (us yocals know you don’t swim in the days following rain or if its mouth is blocked off from the ocean – pelican itch you see) – swimming and tootling around in water only shoulder deep on bigger kids.

Every day during summer there are children down here. Playing in the sand, splashing around in the water.

During the holidays it is at its height, the caravan park just across the bridge packed with people from out-of-town. You can pick them – they’re the ones with accessories – beach chairs, those shade thingies, eskis. You know the drill.

We have been down there a few times already these holidays and I can’t help but breath it all in. The happiness of it all. How carefree we all are, at least for that moment when the kids are splashing and chasing schools of baby bream, whiting and flathead.

When the cool of the water and the warmth of the sun make everything else disappear.

The other day we saw a massive crab – as in two hand-spans long – scuttle through the water, sniping at the guys trying to catch it. We drifted with the current and counted little crabs scurrying among the oysters on the embankment. We found a sea dragon! Thin as a reed but with a head like a dragon and a forked tail.



Written by allconsuming

January 3rd, 2011 at 1:21 am