a few months back I won a magazine subscription to healthSMART from Mrs Woog, some sort of cruel joke as she had all manner of awesome giveaways last year including UberKate jewellery but hey! A magazine subscription! In my year (now ongoing into 2011) of magazine purchasing embargoes.

Then the Boombahs got going and I decided to jump on board.

Then I started C25K.

THEN the beautiful Eleanor bought me a magazine subscription to Runner’s World for my birthday. Cheeky bugger.

Fast forward to this week. I can now run for 30 minutes non-stop and I’ve lost around 6kgs.

The mail arrives and there they are – healthSMART and Runner’s World. Addressed to me.

I swear the earth has tilted on its axis.

BUT – that Runner’s World? SO GOOD.

Here are some things I’ve learnt from my first issue:

– Only increase your output in 10 per cent increments per week.

– Do not go out too hard – you will end up injured and losing enthusiasm (I could feel this happening to me and have realised to just cool my jets and stop being so freakin’ competitive).

– Warm up is important – just 5 minutes of brisk walking gets your neuromuscular system going (ie your brain telling your muscles how to contract) as well as triggering your system to start churning out fat-burning enzymes. And importantly, that five minutes sees your synovial fluid – which helps lubricate your joints – warm up.

All I can promise you is that I will never take up scrapbooking.