One of this years goals. Decision time.

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So I’ve decided I’m going to get a tat. Hell, my hairdresser has a gagillion of them and she is one hot mamma so now I’m jogging and have legs that could snap a man’s neck such is their taughtness (shut up. So a word.) I can be a hot mamma too.

I can’t decide though. What do you think dudes,

This would totally work if I was an egg ‘n bacon kinda gal. But I’m much more of a granola fan or bircher or pancakes or French toast. Eggs and bacon not so much. I know I know, this gut didn’t get here without some serious commitment to food but bacon schmacon, it just doesn’t do it for me. Eggs, eggs I adore but not fried. Gag.

So then this could work, showing off the legs and all:

but that could just be misconstrued as being a smug hot-legged lady. And besides, that seems like a LOT of tattoo and all that work around the ankles I suspect would

I kinda like this idea:

Menacing. I like it. But still, not quite right. Besides, I am hideously accident prone when it comes to knives. Seriously, the nail on my left pointer is totally farked because I always slice half it off when rushing to cut stuff for dinner. Useless.

But then I found it, the perfect tat for me:

I’m sorry, but that is fucking awesome.

All images from Food & Ink website, go, be in awe.

Written by allconsuming

January 19th, 2011 at 11:50 pm