It has been a while hasn’t it.

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About five years ago it was all the rage to meme meme meme. I still don’t know what that means. Is it that it is all about me me? Or is it an abreviation for something so obvious I now look like a complete doofus? Ah well, nothing new there.

It has been a grim grim week here. The abrupt, shocking and heart-breaking passing of beautiful Lori‘s husband, the ongoing flood crisis in Queensland (a post on which I have started so many times but which is just so vast and overwhelming it seems trite no matter how I word it), the shooting in Arizona and on it goes.

So it seems a good time to take stock and remember the good stuff, the stuff that makes me happy.

From my beautiful Blackbird

10 things that make me happy

  1. Homemade granola with greek yoghurt for breakfast
  2. Homemade chai mix which I stir into my tea every morning
  3. Sodoku on my iPhone
  4. The cool breeze that blows through our bedroom window across our bed
  5. Grover saying, ‘what that (s)mell?’
  6. Baking pretty much anything but in particular my lemon slice and my new honey nut slice
  7. Hanging out with new friends (aka mothers of my children’s friends)
  8. Running
  9. In bed, the weight of one of my children lying along my back (as opposed to the doink of the bloody bed shark)
  10. That all my children know all the words to the entire Dixie Chicks Home CD.

What makes you happy?


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January 13th, 2011 at 10:18 pm

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