Goals for 2011

Every year I like to set myself a cooking goal – a few years back it was bread, then pastry. I can’t remember what last year was? Was it the bread year? ANYWAY, goals for this year are both food and life related:

1. To bake more bread.

2. To hone my skills at making pickles and chutneys and relishes.

3. Granola. It’s all about granola. I made this Martha Stewart Pecan and Honey granola the other day with some natural muesli I had in the cupboard with extra pecans. MAN, so good. Oh, I also added cinnamon and just used some fancy pants raw honey I had. Bowls of that for breakfast just with Greek yoghurt – nomnomnom.

4. To run 10kms. Regularly.

5. To continue losing weight. If I am in the vicinity of 75kgs by Christmas I will be very very happy.

6. To get my little business idea up and running.

7. To establish Team Oscar.

8. To read to my children more.

9. To sew more.

10. To get the family away on a holiday.

So you see, not really resolutions but some little goals to keep me focussed during the year. It is a very pleasant change from this time last year, at which point my plan was to survive 2010. Tick.

So what’s on your agenda for 2011?