Here we go

So here we go.

Our first Team Oscar project is underway – 10km10wk – let’s see if I can go from (just) running 30 minutes to being able to run 10 kilometres in the next 10 weeks.

If you want to help me do this to raise $$ towards Oscar’s schooling then just click on the link below and donate away! I’ll be posting some vlogs here to mark my progress. Be grateful it’s not smell-a-vision.

You can also see up there in my header thingy you can see a Team Oscar tab – I KNOW! my technological abilities know NO bounds – which gives you a better picture of why we’re doing this.

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  • Alex

    Hi Kim, long time reader but mostly a lurker … I think you do a brilliant job as a mum. I have 2 kids and am constantly impressed by your wrangling skills with 4. Your recipes kick a*s too. So happy to pitch up with a donation for Team Oscar, the school sounds brilliant.
    Cheers, Alex

    • OH Alex – I let out a little squeal when the PayPal notice just came through. I really hope you know how much this means to us. Really.

  • A virtual interiors consultation? Bring it on! Happy to help. x PS You are hilari-mazing

    • Too funny. I shall post photos and you shall weep. WEEP.

  • jac

    Team Oscar! If you like you can imagine us lining the route, Tour de France style. Or… not.

    • Absolutely. Surely my penchant for delusions of grandeur have not passed you by.

  • LissyLouLou

    I am also mostly a lurker but long time reader via soozs blog and I originally came looking for the sour cream pastry recipe…. that was about….ohhhhh… 18 months ago! The school sounds brilliant and good luck with the running. Donation – tick!