Value adding

Sponsored by Nuffnang

Most of you are well aware of how this year has been all about tightening the proverbial belt on our household expenditure, so when Nuffnang approached me to see if I’d be interested in doing a series of posts on the theme ‘value’ to tie in with KIA launching their new Cerato Hatch car it seemed like a pretty nice fit.

Of course, I initially thought they were asking if I’d like to drive one around for a week or something and was all, FREEEEEEDOM!, seeing as the idea of a Hatch plus four boys was never going to work. I still chortle at the thought of it, ‘OK kids, let’s go to the movies. What? You don’t fit? Oh well. SEE YA!’ Now that is value adding I say.

Of course, then I actually read the brief and it was far more realistic and far less likely to see DOCS at our door for child abandonment. So, for the next six weeks I will be running a weekly post looking at the idea of ‘value’.

At the same time, KIA is running a website packed with value-added offers at on everything from computers to cameras to appliances or travel. Go on, click on over to see what’s on offer today.

This post was sponsored by KIA. To celebrate the great value of new KIA Cerato Hatch, a website has been launched so you and your family can get some great value offers and deals. Check out my favourite deal for this week: Spend $700 on any Del Notebook or Desktop and get a BONUS AIO Printer / Copier for $1