the week and weekend that was

Wow, haven’t posted since last Monday. That was tardy.

Things that have happened between then and now:
1. Chef and I have completed Week 1 of C25K. I KNOW. if that isn’t the proof of miracles occurring I don’t know what is. Forget all those medical stories and nuns with superpowers, the fact that Chef and I have exercised. Together. P.R.O.O.F.
2. Grover pissed in a plastic shopping bag. On my bedroom floor. Weirdo.
3. I had my 20 year school reunion. It was awesomely fun. There were some moments when it was as if we were sitting in the quad, eating lunch and talking the shite you talk to your friends. Man, talk about oxygen for the soul.
4. K and her family came to Sydney for it and I totally, selfishly, occupied way too much of their time probably denying others from seeing them and munching on Niamh’s cheeks. Sucked in I say.
5. I’m still on the healthy lifestyle straight and narrow although yes, I may have cornered a small pile of duck pancakes and tempura prawn skewers at the reunion. And eaten Ben & Jerry’s. There was no cone. I did inhale.
6. I received a kitchen implement from a company a few weeks back, before the whooping cough debacle and I need to blog about it. I want to blog about it. I am concerned you will all think I’m selling out. But dudes, it is awesome and I feel really … proud? … that they sent one to me.
7. Chef and I watched Men who stare at goats last week. ZOMG how did this movie pass me by? Why did none of you tell me about it? Seriously, one of my alltime favourite movies. Up there with Adaptation, Stranger than Fiction, I heart Huckabees, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited, Footloose and Steel Magnolias.
8. Did I mention last week my total girl crush on Jasper’s dance teacher, Miss Jen? No seriously, girl.crush. Sometimes my mental health or lack thereof scares me.
9. Chef and I watched The Social Network tonight. I thought it was fanbloodytastic. But it kind of made me feel sad for Mark Zuckerberg – not oh poor him sad but just, sad. Is he married now? Is he happy? And quite frankly, all this movie does is confirm the sheer and utter brilliance that is Aaron Sorkin.
10. There is no ten.