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Today I took down every single framed photograph from the top of our bookshelves, most of which had been knocked down by a ball, child hitting the bookshelf in some WWE wrestling manoeuvre or when some stray piece of a toy has been jammed up there ‘for safe keeping’. Either that or the stand at the back had done that weird warpy shit and tilted photos of us smiling inanely at the camera to an angle that made us look unhinged.

You should have seen how much dust had built up on those pictorial landmarks of our lives. But now, NOW when the urge takes me (ie the dust allergy reaches maximum sneeze threshold) I can just vacuum the top of those bookshelves and admire my domestic prowess.

Dusting. Who has the time or inclination. So just remove the material the dust builds up on.


And on a completely different matter – I was checking out my stats tonight when I saw a few people hitting this post:

Now if that was not a sign of just how 2010 was going to pan out then come on over and beat me about the head with a cold dead fish.