Saturday so far

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I keep pondering that surely it’s not just because I am not suffering at the hands of the Red Ninja can this Saturday be so much more pleasant than the last. I mean, we’ve all been struck by some dastardly cold involving snot and coughs but still, there has been no yelling, no fighting, no, well, minimal tears.

Go figure?

I mean, this morning was Special Olympics Bowling – with two little fellas in tow who did not melt down and whinge and wail when I informed them there was no budget for drinks or treats.

And since then there has been playing and building Lego ships and being incredibly chilled.


OH sure, Grovey is now screaming at Japper about some such but that’ll blow over.

I made quesadillas for lunch. I would have to say that quesadillas make everything better.

Dinner is oven-baked fish and chips with salad.

I may even go for a run.

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November 20th, 2010 at 2:06 pm