well that was fun

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So about two years ago Chef I registered And every now and then I’d get all impatient and urgent and decide to actually use it.

I’d dabble on the periphery of the Interweb, scare the bejesus out of myself by randomly deleting my entire blog or some such and then retreat.

For whatever reason, today I decided was the day. Today I was going to become… A Website.

Fast forward several hours and not only was I most certainly not A Website I didn’t even have a viewable blog. And just because I am a chronic over-achiever I somehow managed to totally fuck my email as well. I KNOW! I am talented on so.many.levels.

Cue various Tweets of frustration and the delicious Reemski came to my aid.

So look! Pretty shiny new blawg which is it’s own WEBSITE. Booyah!

Of course, there is still the pesky issue of trying to import my life’s work old posts which are now somewhere off in the Blogger vortex stuck in a never-ending loop of redirection to nowhere. Ooops.


Written by allconsuming

November 13th, 2010 at 12:05 pm

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