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So the bigger boys had a school excursion to the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition today. Oscar’s teacher asked if I’d be interested in going ‘just in case’ Oscar hit the wall at some stage and couldn’t walk any further. (It’s about a 4km walk around a headland up hill and down dale from Bondi to Tamarama.)

What a great idea, I thought, which of course means it’s a bloody stupid idea and I should cease and desist from any further thought on the matter. Naturally I then took the two little fellas with me.

So Grover had a stack in the carpark when we arrived.

Jasper grazed his leg at about the second sculpture.

Grover chucked a strop and pushed mum’s camera off the top of the stroller causing it to fall, lens first onto the footpath thereby rendering its status to ‘fucked’.

I lost Grover. For about eight minutes. Which felt like eleventy gagillion. When we were finally reunited he was an absolute mess but had managed to tell the very lovely woman who coralled his manic snotty screamy crying self that his mummy was wearing a black top and a white cap, that we had a black stroller and another little brother and two big brothers here with their school. Not bad for a pretty freaked out three-year-old hey.

Yeah, I know. Totally gifted.

So look, it was great to do something different with the kids. Maybe such an outing with so many uneven sandstone stairs and a laden stroller on my own was not one of my best but they -apart from the various falls and dramas – loved it.

The sculptures? Look, to be perfectly honest it’s just not really my thing. Yep, amazing setting, yes very talented artists but still it left me a bit wanting. I don’t know, maybe free champagne? A few less baby boomers, a few less baby boomers and their dogs, and maybe a few less of the eleventy gagillion people who decided today was the perfect day for such an outing.


Canapes would have totally done it for me.

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November 9th, 2010 at 5:05 pm

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