Brains and Braun in the kitchen

look what arrived at my door the other week:

 With a beautiful box of goodies to go with no less.

My Braun hand held/stick blender is 13 years old. It was a wedding present. It has pureed, whipped and everything in between the first solid foods for four boys. It has whipped cream for more pavs than I can count. And on it goes. But its days were numbered as the mechanism between the blender end bit and the motor bit was so worn the blender end bit would just come off mid job.

 To say I was excited was a little bit of an understatement.

So far there have been smoothies (it came with a great recipe idea of freezing the fruit and then adding 2-4 cubes of frozen fruit to a cup of milk) and it’s little mini bowl attachment is getting the work-out of the century. It is just so quick and easy to get finely chopped onion, garlic, herbs, you name it. I am seriously in love and there may be some sort of fisticuffs as my Kitchenaid and blender channel their rejection and jealousy into something with more drama than just sitting forlornly on the shelf.  


As I am getting healthy the other day I whipped up a low fat pesto type thing. By ‘type thing’ I mean basil, pine nuts, salt, a handful or so of parmesan and a whisker of extra virgin olive oil. I know I know, not a patch on the real thing but it is awesome smeared on toast or on a sandwich or on a wrap. All done with my new Braun in about 2 minutes.