When good things come in little packages… and your chance to win $1,000 with Cottee’s.

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So we’re trying something new today and I want you to come with me on this little trial. An adventure even. OK, not really an adventure but at least some minor exploratory work. Cottee’s is willing to give one of you ONE THOUSAND SMACKAROOS so dudes, it may be worth your while to hang around.

In launching their repackaged range of cordials (gone are the 750ml and 2 litre bottles, say hello to the double concentrate 1 litre offerings – think of the benefits! Small bottle = good for the environment, easier to store, easier to pour!) Cottee’s is hosting a competition on the theme of ‘An experience or time when good things have come in small packages’. I’m going to tell you mine and then you can leave a comment telling me yours.

From there I’m going to pick my three favourite responses and then, the others involved (there are 14 blogs in total) are doing the same and Cottee’s will choose an overall winner – to receive $1,000.

OH DUDES, what I would do with $1,000 – the Indian call centre working for Amex would be able to take a coffee break from calling me that’s for sure.

ANYWAYS, back to the task at hand. When I was thinking of an experience in which good things have come in small packages of course I immediately thought of telling the story of Oscar’s arrival. My wee little 4 pound bundle of sick premmie wonderment. But no, too obvious, too clichéd.

Then I thought of my own memories of coming home from school and Mum being there with afternoon tea at the ready – always Cottee’s green cordial with fruit and homemade biscuits. But that just seemed to obvious. Too gauche if you will.

Then it struck me. Regular readers know that on an almost daily basis some metaphorical big rig rides rough shot through my life causing hardship and mayhem in its wake. Fall seven times, stand up eight yadda yadda yadda.

I realised that every single day good things happen to me in small packages. Sure, some days that package is infinitesimal but it’s there.

Today it was feeling like I could not do another morning of getting everyone out of the house on my own when I looked over and saw Felix helping Oscar put his super-legs (his AFOs, leg supports, whatever you want to call them) on. Hadn’t been asked. Didn’t say anything about it (until after it was done). Just got them ready and helped his brother.

Some days it is just feeling as Grover’s wee hand slips into mine without me directing it there.

Lately it has been watching Jasper try new foods without me asking him to – or like at his friend’s house the other day he ate a mini-pizza for lunch that had ham on it without question. Just ate it. Just like that. Or when we went for sushi at the Mall last week and instead of pulling the nori off he ate it and declared he liked it – without Chef or I having prompted him to do so.

It’s looking out the window and seeing the little guys playing together in the sandpit or on the trampoline or in the cubby house.

It’s sitting on the lounge with Felix on a Friday or Saturday night watching a movie or documentary when all the other boys are in bed.

It’s hearing my kids laugh at something on the tele, or at each other or themselves.

It’s that every day, no matter what it brings I can – and do – smile and laugh. That I have four boys who drive me crazy and fill me with joy and pride all at the same time. It’s that the road has been pretty rough over the last twelve years but I’m still here, I can still laugh, I can still make people laugh.

But most of all, it is that I can see these small details and appreciate the beauty and satisfaction they bring to my life.

So now it’s over to you guys – what does it for you? What good thing has come into your life in a small package?

Go on, tell me. You could be in with a chance at winning ONE GRAND!

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