We have not had to go to hospital!
It appears Oscar was reacting to the antibiotic. I spoke at length with the GP on the phone this morning (she was so good) and we’ve started him on one which is gentler on the stomach but bloody hell, that kid has dealt with enough this year.
Felix’s throat swab results are back and yes, it’s official, he has whooping cough.
Felix’s coughing fits last night were not a patch on Monday night’s.
The boys spent today watching The Last Airbender and The Karate Kid – the new one with Will Smith’s son in it, which I actually thoroughly enjoyed and think is so.much.better. than the original.
There was also an attempt at making slime, which resulted in bowls of what look suspiciously like half set green jelly.
Jasper accidentally whacked me across the face with his Poppity – the stinky bunny rabbit he takes everywhere. still.  – which gave me a shock and made me cry.
Which made him cry.
But for me, the shock of that thwack kinda opened the floodgates and I just sobbed and sobbed on and off for about two hours.
Then fell asleep for an hour.
Then went and did the grocery shopping.
Then bumped into a mum from school who told me virtually the WHOLE of Years 5 and 6 and been felled with The Cough.
That’s roughly 60 kids.
So thank you school secretary for saying to me yesterday we were the first ones she’s heard of to have it.
Then I came home and cracked the shits about the state of the house – lunch plates still everywhere etc and everyone knew I meant business.
Dinner however was not until 8pm.
Do you know what kids are like when they don’t eat dinner until 8pm?
The bigger boys are now in bed.
The little boys are in the bath blowing bubbles at each other.
It will end in tears shortly no doubt.
So you see, the sun did rise, another day did dawn and we have lived to tell the tale.