From one extreme

so while I’ve got one child who seems to be rotting from the head in stench and attitude and brain unfunction, I’ve got one like this:

– Fat Reader (Darth Vader) lives on the moon and he will only go to the moon to see him if Grandmama goes with him
– He not a baby and not a big boy, he a little boy
– He can quite successfully crack eggs going off the three or four I found in dishes and all over the shelf under the sink
– He is very independent going off the milk I found in several cups, saucepans, all over the shelf under the sink (a few days after the egg incident) and throughout the saucepan drawer as he was getting his own bottle early one morning.
– His favourite colour is blue
– He has excellent fine motor skills as evidenced by the piles of cut up newspapers, school notes, receipts I’m finding around the house.
– He knows what he wants, doesn’t want, likes, doesn’t like and will scream at the top of his lungs with pure rage if these standards are not upheld.
– any word ending in ‘ed’ must be pronounced as such – I talk-ed to him, I cross-ed the road, I miss-ed you
– He is wickedly naught and knows it – such as releasing all the guinea pigs from their cage last week in the back yard. Apparently they were ‘hiding’.
– He adores spicy food and will reject anything remotely ‘dumbed down’ for a young child’s palette.
– He cracks me up every single day.