Dad’s Day – aka the day all the sex nagging finally gets results

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It’s Father’s Day today.

Chef will be getting pancakes for breakfast and a range of thoughtful gifts. Like chocolate. And cookbooks. And a coffee cup. Because you know, he’d never have been expecting any of those.

Then I’ll be choofing off to Picton to (finally) see my Dad who had a knee replacement three weeks ago. I never got to see him at hospital with that as he was almost two hours away and the well, hello life and husband’s falling off motorbikes and so forth. It was his birthday last weekend which was when I escaped the infinite game of dodgeball that is my life. That was OK, I’d given them months of warning I wouldn’t be around and it was long before the knee surgery was planned. So you know, I really need to put in an appearance today to shower him with homemade gifts and small children threatening to jump/touch/breath on his new knee.

Chef is taking the bigger boys to the Carlton vs Sydney elimination final.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mum is ‘recovering’. The surgery took five hours and four surgeons but it was done calmly and methodically and with great care. You know, for an orthopaedic surgeon to say that means they actually didn’t throw you around and see just how far that bone can ‘bend’.

Ahhh, orthopaedics, the rugby union of surgery.

It turns out all the soft tissue that had been exposed to the original replacement was ‘abnormal’, thereby confirming their suspicions that mum’s body was rejecting it. Yes, it turns out mum is one of the ‘extremely rare’ individuals allergic to the chromium cobalt components of the otherwise titanium replacement. Thankfully the other hip and now this one are locked and loaded with pure titanium pieces.

But, and isn’t my life just one big fat BUT. She had to have two bags of blood on Friday, such was her weakness and blood levels of whatever it is in your blood they measure to determine if you need new blood. Whatever that is should not dip below 100 so when mum’s went to 86 and then 74 they hooked her up. Her colour was much better yesterday but now she’s reacting (as in itching all over) to the oral slow release pain medication they’re giving her, which is not surprising as it is a morphine derivative and HELLO, ALLERGIC.TO.MORPHINE. Insert Mr Bean tick of disgust here.

So you know, business as usual at this end.


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September 5th, 2010 at 9:49 am