The weekend

Began on Friday afternoon with taking Jasper to his second ever dance lesson. It was only seven long days of asking when his next dance class was after his first ever dance lesson.

Felix went to his best mate’s house and ended up having a sleep over.
I can’t tell you how weird the house feels when Felix is not in it.
The energy is completely different.
And I hate it.

I think Felix is most like me and is my buddy at home. When he’s not there I feel quite weird.

Saturday morning featured Oscar’s Special Olympics Ten Pin Bowling at the location where a ex Navy man was SHOT DEAD last week in a failed robbery attempt on a money van. I KNOW!
SpazBowling is exhausting.
Think 15 lanes of bowling craziness.
Four or five people on each lane.
Aged from 11 to somewhere in their 60s.
All with special needs.
Let’s just say there’s a whole lotta love, excitement, high-fiving and enerrrrgeee.
I had the two little fellas with me which was a first and they were so well behaved, only whinging moderately when I refused any money contribution to highway robbery the hideous mini game-hall money munchers games.

From there I was going to pick up Felix and take everyone to the Finders Keepers Markets but decided I wasn’t a) cool enough, b) cashed-up enough and c) able to cope with the crowds enough.

So instead I picked up Felix and as all the boys ate them out of house and home played I had a lovely chat with Felix’s bf’s parents and secretly scanned the house and knew these were good people. They too have four kids although they managed some of the pink kind. When I say there was crap everywhere if they ever read this blog I want them to know I mean that in the nicest possible way. In the way that it doesn’t matter if they did vacuum yesterday it looked like it had been six months. In the way that four kids generate a shit load of bags, shoes, shoes and MORE FUCKING SHOES not to mention bags, books, school notes, so many fekkin school notes. Everywhere. Plates, jumpers, the current toy/item of obsession which by Child Law must contain multiple parts capable of being spread over as many rooms as possible and preferably with lots of pointy sharp edges you can tread on in the middle of the night. It was awesome. Like the ultimate validation that my house looks like my house not because I am useless at housework but because I am defeated by the sheer scale of chaos my number of offspring can rain down on any one room, space, square centimetre at any given time.

Then we all went home w/ Felix’s bf and his little brother in tow.
They announced as we walked into the house that they were starving.
Two bowls of spag bog each later (thank GOODNESS for a large freezer) and two bags of chips and they were satiated.

Then it was back in the car, dropping them off and taking Felix to drama.
For the other boys there was a long-promised trip to the Golden Arches.
Then back home to collect clothes, pjs and the rest for Felix as a phone call from my inlaws offering to have Felix sleep over that night was accepted.

Then back to pick up Felix, and a quick stop at the Arches for him, where there were only girl toys left.
Cue fight in the back seat for the pink My Little Pony.

Then up to the inlaws.
My Dad and SM had a spare ticket to the footy at Homebush and seeing as my inlaws were going it was easier to send Felix off with them than schlep all the way to Homebush to drop him off and pick him up after the game at 10.30pm.

Made chocolate almond fudge cake for my BIL’s birthday.

Multiple wake ups by Grover who this week is trying to kill me through sleep deprivation.


To shops for more chocolate to ice cake.
Ice cake.
Everyone dressed and ready for BIL’s lunch at my inlaws.
Quick side-step to local nursery with mum to pick up some trees.
Back home, offload gardening items, load car with cake and gift and children (again) and off we went.
Spent remainder of day at the inlaws having a grand time.
Vague dinner offered.
Asleep by 8pm.

The end.