stuff and nonsense

This week I have:
– cleaned the fish tank
– fixed the pump in the fish tank which broke after I cleaned the fish tank
– fished out the dead fish from the fish tank which carked it around the same time as the pump
– remembered to feed the fish
– remembered to feed the guinea pigs
– not cleaned the guinea pigs cage
– emptied the dishwasher five times
– thought about creating a ‘chores board’ to get the boys emptying the dishwasher
– considered mopping the bathroom floors
– thought about creating a ‘chores board’ to get the boys to mop the bathroom floors
– moved clean washing from our bed to the floor and back to the bed about eight times
– accepted the offer of a place in the 2-day group at pre-school for Grover next year (YAY!)
– handed in Jasper’s school enrolment documents for next year (YAY!)
– posted off Oscar’s acceptance to high school next year (YAY!)
– signed and handed over $$ for five different school events. None necessarily on time
– organised a playdate for Jasper
– created nutritious balanced dinners every night*
– ventured back to Sydney Children’s Hospital for the first time in a month for Oscar’s 12 week review with the surgeon
– blew surgeon away with news of Oscar’s bike riding
– organised way forward for Oscar w/ pain clinic at the hospital
– organised for Oscar’s AFOs to change from being fixed to hinged (happening next week)
– yelled at Tony Abbott a lot
– yelled at Julia a few times
– decided the election was not worth me spiraling into a depression
– wondered just how I could get a senate seat
– decided the election was clearly sending me crackers
– had many moments of existential first world anxiety about my blog


* this does not mean my children ate nutritious balanced dinners every night