Things on my mind

My intense dislike for People Skills (aka Tony Abbott) grows daily. It’s in the Code Red zone of Completely Irrational.

In fact, my whole feeling about this lead up to the election is making my neck itch. I’m kind of cranky and frustrated and yelling at the television and radio way too often to be healthy.

I’m certain this is why I have a rampant case of acne that rivals that of my years in puberty purgatory. I kid you not. They’re not even the pustular ones you can pick at, they’re the dirty big blind cyst like ones.

I know, I’m so purrrrty.  

The only good thing about the election is discovering new blogs and Twitterers and that Annabel Crabb has come back from maternity leave and is on fire. My girl crush on Annabel is longstanding and unwavering and completely inappropriate.

I know, purty and subtle.

My frustration is this: the focus on the politics rather than the policies is absolute. And it feels like a sprint. There’s no long term view, no vision. G’ah.
Further to the learning to ride a bike Oscar decided today would be a good day to start doing freestyle again in his hydrotherapy session. Such progress.

It was perfect because then his normal swim group arrived and he stayed in the water and did a bit of normal swimming stuff with them, allowing me to catch up with some of the mums, one of which is as excited as I am as her daughter got into St Eddies as well! We’re so hoping Oscar and Zoe will get to travel together.
Jasper is producing astounding artworks at pre-school. And I mean, really astounding not just ‘my child is so talented’ astounding.
Grover is an absolute comedian. Complete and total. From the faces to the impersonations. He’s three and a total crack-up. Either that or a pure delinquent in the making.
Did I tell you I made strawberry and rhubarb jam and it was spectacular? SPECTACULAR. Joke told me to make vats of it and sell it and for the first time I am almost compelled to do so.
We haven’t seen Inception. I had planned a sneaky solo trip to the movies today on my childfree day (inlaws had Groves) but no no no – it’s Education Week and today was Open Day at the bigger boys’ school. Oh the irony.


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  • Anonymous
  • Lucy

    I am with you, on both the intense dislike to Tabbott and on the sprint analogy.

    I feel like they are teenagers just trying to get into a nightclub: "just let me in, please just get me in, and we'll worry about what happens later, ermmmmm, later. In fact, I don't really care what happens later, I just really wanna get in."

  • Veronica

    Abbott makes me stabby. Lots stabby.

  • Mrs Woog

    I swear if he gets in I am fucking moving. And i am going to ask people DID YOU VOTE FOR HIM and pinch them if they admit they did…. on the way to the airport.

    Survived open day today.. v v boring

  • Duyvken

    It's going to be an interesting election – not sure about the libs but don't trust labor AT ALL after what's happened in the last few weeks. So OVER it!
    My sis sent me to this blog and I thought you would like it

  • Anonymous

    How on earth could you place our country in the hands of someone who backstabbed there own leader, then decides to be "herself" halfway through the election campaign. So was she in the first few weeks then?? Someone who is a committed athiest but offers "thoughts and prayers" to K.Rudd after his operation on the w/e. Gillard gets in, welcome to a country with more spin than Shane Warne. Welcome to the communism Australia!

  • Mary

    they both dement me !

    But I am with you on Annabel Crab – she is so so smart!

  • Janet

    Tabbot makes my skin crawl and my neck itch. There's also a queasy feeling in my left abdomen that I think I can blame him too.

    Am also really over people (and it's coming up a lot in the the tea room at work) saying they can't vote for Julia Gillard just because she backstabbed KRudd. Oh pulease, they are politicians. And it's not as if the libs can claim any high ground here – they got rid of of Turnbull because he was looking bad too.

    So yeah, it's all looking a bit tweedledum and tweedledee but I'm so not OK with Tabbot for PM.

  • Anonymous

    Game on?

    What game?

    Someone PLEASE go for the jugular and get real.

    (and may the fleas of a thousand camels nest in the loins of the Spin Doctors – for taking the passion out of Aussie politics and boring us shitless)


  • Paula

    I hear you Kim! The thing that gets me about what Julia 'did' to Kevin, and it wasn't good, is that Tony Abbott is in HIS role due to the EXACT SAME CIRCUMSTANCES. Wasn't Malcolm Turnbull ousted in the same way???
    What disturbs me is that it feels like we're a nation that swallows what the media tells us to believe. So what if she says she's praying for Kevin's recovery – it's a figure of speech and a nice thing to say.
    And don't get me started on the boat people fleeing persecution. Even if they were ALL lying about their true circumstances, the biggest number of illegal immigrants are
    the Poms, but since they're white and blend in, we don't bat an eyelid. However, this entire election seems to hinge on boat people and, of course, Julia's earlobes or what her
    hair looks like.
    OK…..I've vented now…
    So glad to read about your awesome babes, Kim!
    Paula xx