What’s your Top 3

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So we have a ‘new’ Prime Minister in Australia, Julia Gillard. ‘New’ in that she’s acted in the role plenty of times over the last two and a half years but now is front and centre full time.

Her top items to deal with were the super profits mining tax, refugees and climate change.

I have significant doubts these are the three top issues closest to her heart but more a reflection on what was hurting the Government in various opinion polls. Dealing with these issues is far less about solutions and far more about taking the heat out of them in the media and thereby dropping them off the agenda for the people.

I wonder what are Julia Gillard’s Top 3, even Top 5 concerns or passion points that she wants to engineer real change for.

1. Rectifying the hopeless state of our mental health services
2. Rectifying the hopelessly outdated systems and structures in educating students with disabilities. (Not to mention the whole desperate situation of our disability services.)
3. Actually doing something about key environmental issues – primarily the Murray River.

What are yours? It doesn’t matter where you live or what country you live it, I’m really curious about what are the hot buttons irrespective of geography.

Written by allconsuming

July 9th, 2010 at 9:43 am